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 The screenshot above shows the opening screen of the program.  This is where you will create your database(s) and then open them for data entry and modification.  Also notice the pull-down menu at the top left corner of the window, this menu contains the utilities described in the help file.


 This is the Current Reading screen.  You will be performing most of you data entry and modification from this screen. 


 The image above shows the Add Dates/Rds. screen.  This the only function of the program that will work until you have entered some information.  Notice the date picker.


 This is the Edit Date/Rds. screen.  You can add a date in the morning and then use this function to add readings throughout the day as you take them.


 The image above shows the Print-To-Screen window.  You can display your readings, 16 at a time, starting with the reading displayed on the Current Reading screen.  You will be able to move through your database either foreword or backward.

The image above shows one of the graphs added in version 1.10.  You can step through your entire database either forward or backward 31 readings at a time.  There are seven additional graphs, one for each category of readings.


 Above you see the report selection window that comes up when you click on the Print Report button.  You will need to set the starting and ending dates for your report and also select whether you want the report printed with your readings or just the summary page for the date range you have entered.  After you click print a printer selection window opens to you allow you to select the printer to which you want your report printed.



This is an example of the printed report included with My Daily Glucose Readings.  It is also possible to fax this report should you forget to take it to your office visit.  Because of the print by date selection feature you can print reports for any period of time you choose.

This is an example of the Summary Page that you will receive with every printed report.  There is also an option to print only the summary page making it possible to print  a summary for any range of dates you choose.


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