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My Daily Glucose Readings 1.10
My Daily Glucose Readings 1.10 Build 2
Blood Glucose Recording Program
For Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetics
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My Daily Glucose Readings 1.10 Build 2 is a recompled version of  the original 1.10 for Windows 8 and above.  If you are using Windows 8 or above download  and install the Build 2 version.

My Daily Glucose Readings is intended for diabetics who are serious about tracking their blood sugars and getting involved with their treatment regimen.  The readings will not enter themselves, but once you get into the habit you will find that it just doesn't take that long and your doctor will be so impressed to know that you are serious about your condition.

My Daily Glucose Readings contains eight categories of readings: Pre-Breakfast, After Breakfast, Pre-Lunch, After Lunch, Pre-Dinner, After Dinner, Bedtime, and Night.  Times of readings are not recorded so no matter what you particular schedule you can make the program fit you lifestyle, no need to change your lifestyle to fit the program.  Although there are eight categories you are not required to use them all, simply use the ones you need and leave the rest blank.

For this new version of My Daily Glucose Readings eight new line graphs have been added to help you and your doctor track your progress.

Any database created in version 1 is fully compatible with version 1.1, (see the help file for a quick and easy way to transfer your data).

 My Daily Glucose Readings is a blood sugar tracking and recording program for people who are only interested in tracking their blood sugars and who check their levels multiple times throughout the day.  It is a no frills program that prints a fully formatted report with a summary page.  The summary page gives you the highest, lowest and average readings for each to the eight categories listed above with the dates for the first time the highest and lowest readings occurred.  You set the starting date and ending date for your printed report yourself.  There is also a print summary page only feature which means the in the future you can print summary pages for any period of time you wish, no preset report ranges.  The report is formatted so that you can hole punch and bind it to take with you on your office visits and because of the print by date feature you only print the readings between each visit.  You can see an example of the printed report and summary page in the screenshots page of this website.

My Daily Glucose Readings was designed to run on Windows 2000 or higher.  See the Getting Started page for specific loading instructions.

The Main Features:
Records Blood Sugar in any Format.
Up to eight readings per day.
Unlimited database size.
Allows multiple users.
Print to screen feature.
Backup and Restore Utilities.
Delete multiple readings utility.
Repair corrupted database utility.
Database compaction utility.
Included PDF version of the help file.
Large easy to read windows.
Eight line graphs added.





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